Pete’s Basement videocast returns

Back in October 2012, A. David Lewis talked again to Pete’s Basement, the de facto stewards of The Tome, which had completed its New York adventure. That interview, filmed at the New York Comic-Con, can be found in the first few minutes of their Season 5, Episode 42 video.

Page Two

Once again, Twitter delivers the goods, this time with Roger Kenny’s page for The Tome. For a full commentary and Pete DeLuca’s plans for page three and beyond, tune into the 28-minute mark in episode 22 of this season’s Pete’s Basement either by clicking on the video below or going straight to their YouTube page. (“Holy […]

Page One

Straight from his Twitter feed, J.K. Woodward’s page, the inaugural images, from The Tome: (And, yes, he has been alerted that it’s spelled “diety,” not “deity.”)

Incentives Fulfilled!

It’s May 2012, indeed, but we can now report that all incentive levels for the original Kickstarter campaign have now been fulfilled! The last batch, signed copies of A. David Lewis’s Mortal Coils: Bodylines collection, have been placed in the mail and should arrive at all domestic U.S. locations within the week.  

Kickstarter Campaign for Jason Rohrer, Game Designer Who Inspired The Tome, on Nintento DS

Jason Rohrer, the video game designer whose unique Chain World inspired our own Chain World Freeform Comics Experiment (and, in turn, The Tome), now has his own exciting Kickstarter campaign for the Nintendo DS release of The Diamond Trust of London. As Rohrer details on the campaign page, The Diamond Trust of London is is […]